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Mr. Zhao Bing, Deputy Director of Counsellors’ Office Of the State Council, went to Rabigh project to inspect and guide the work

2023-12-15 19:00:29

On the morning of December 14, Mr. Zhao Bing, Deputy Director of Counsellors’ Office Of the State Council, and his delegation went to Rabigh project to inspect and guide the work. Secretary of the Economic and Commercial Office of the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Jeddah and management of Rabigh 4 Independent water EPC project participated in the visit.

After arriving in Rabigh, Mr.Zhao Bing and his delegation visited the Rabigh 3 and Rabigh 4 project sites, focusing on important parts of the water plant such as the water pump station and RO building of R3, as well as the marine construction and intake pumps station construction of R4 and other areas, and communicated with accompanying personnel on seawater desalination process.

After the visit, Mr.Zhao Bing held a symposium in the conference room of the Rabigh 4 EPC project. At the meeting, Mr.Feng Quntao, deputy PD of the Rabigh 4 project, made a report on behalf of the company. Subsequently, the two parties conducted in-depth exchanges on the seawater desalination market potential, comparison of core technical indicators, project technology and operating procedures. Mr.Zhao Bing said that SEPCOIII’s active development and outstanding performance in the international market have provided other Chinese companies with profound learning and research opportunities. This successful experience not only provides useful inspiration for promoting Chinese enterprises to move towards the high-end market, but also plays an important leading role in promoting the development of the “One Belt, One Road” initiative. The successful case of SEPCOIII in the field of seawater desalination in the Saudi market has provided strong support for Chinese companies to demonstrate their strength and expand market space on the international stage. It is hoped that more companies can learn from the experience gained by SEPCOIII in the Saudi market, continuously improve their international competitiveness, and jointly promote the successful implementation of the “One Belt, One Road” initiative.

Relevant personnel from the Counselor’s Office of the State Council and the Rabigh 3 Project attended the meeting.