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Zhao Qiming meets with Mr. Vneet Jaain

2024-2-22 21:03:00

On February 22nd, Zhao Qiming, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman, and General Manager of SEPCOIII, held a meeting with Vneet Jaain, President and Executive Director of Adani Green Energy Ltd. KS Nagendra, President of Adani Infra (India) Ltd., Akshay Mathur, Senior Vice President of Adani China Operations, Kripa Ranjan, Vice President Jiang Rongjiang, and Liu Fangjiang, Kong Lingfeng Members of the Party Committee and Vice General Managers of SEPCOIII.

Zhao Qiming welcomed the arrival of Vneet Jaain, reviewed the history of cooperation between the two parties, expressed gratitude for Adani Group’s continuous support to SEPCOIII, and introduced the company’s strategic planning and business layout. He stated that Adani Group, as a large internationally renowned company, has a long history of cooperation and deep friendship with the company. He hopes that both parties can leverage their unique advantages, consolidate the foundation of cooperation, expand the scope of subsequent cooperation, and achieve deep and multi type cooperation in traditional thermal power, new energy and other business fields, making new progress and achieving new results.

Vneet Jaain expressed gratitude for the continuous support of SEPCOIII, fully affirmed the high-quality performance and efficient promotion of the construction of the Godda project in India, and introduced Adani Group’s business layout, strategic development plan, project performance, and other information. He stated that SEPCOIII is a responsible and reliable international well-known EPC general contractor, and one of Adani Group’s largest international market partners. The foundation of cooperation between the two sides is solid and the prospects for cooperation are broad. He looks forward to further exploring the potential of cooperation, innovating cooperation models, and working together to promote high-quality development.

At the meeting, the two sides had an in-depth exchange on matters related to the closure of the Godda project contract in India.

During this period, Vneet Jaain and his team visited the company’s corporate culture exhibition hall and gained a detailed understanding of the company’s honors, project performance, and other related information.

Adani Group and SEPCOIII relevant personnel attended the meeting.

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