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Zhao Qiming meets with Eric Maka

2024-4-9 20:45:26

On the morning of April 9, Zhao Qiming, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman and General Manager of SEPCOIII, held talks with Eric Maka, Chief Construction officer of ACWA Power, Alfons Juan, Director of EPC Development Strategy Department of ACWA Power, Lin Feng, deputy General manager of China, Zhong Yong, Construction Director, Liu Fangjiang and Kong Lingfeng, Party Committee Members, and Deputy General Managers of SEPCOIII attended the meeting.

Zhao Qiming thanked ACWA Power for its trust and support, and introduced the company’s organizational structure, future strategic planning and other aspects. He said that ACWA Power is a large international engineering investment company, and the two sides have in-depth cooperation in multiple projects of multiple countries and types. He hoped that the two sides can give full play to their respective advantages, consolidate the foundation of cooperation, and work together for common growth. While performing the agreement efficiently and promoting the existing cooperation projects with high quality, We will take our future cooperation to a new stage of higher level, higher quality and more sustainable development.

Eric Maka thanked SEPCOIII for its continued support, reviewed the history of cooperation between the two sides, and introduced the organizational adjustment of ACWA Power. He said that SEPCOIII is a trusted global partner of ACWA Power, and the two sides have long-term and stable cooperative relations and rich cooperation experience in the fields of energy, seawater desalination, infrastructure and so on. We look forward to creating new highlights of cooperation between the two sides in more business areas and more national markets in the future, deepening the global market and achieving mutually beneficial and win-win development.

During this period, Eric Maka and his delegation visited the company’s corporate culture exhibition hall and learned about the company’s development history and corporate honors in detail.

ACWA Power and SEPCOIII related personnel attended the meeting.