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Compliance Reporting


       SEPCOIII Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") is committed to following the highest standards of business conduct in its business relationships with customers, business partners and other relevant parties. The company solemnly promises to abide by all relevant laws and regulations, external regulatory requirements, internal corporate rules and regulations and ethics in all business activities and management processes. In order to abide by this commitment, further improve the Company's compliance management level and risk prevention ability, and prevent and reduce the occurrence of violations of laws and regulations. The Company has set up the following compliance reporting hotlines and mailbox:
Report hotlines: +86-532-87098113
Report email: compliance@sepco3.com
Mailing address: Legal and Compliance Management Department (Receipt), Hongtai Building C, No. 882, Tongan Road, Laoshan District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province, China. Postcode: 266100
If you know or suspect any violation of laws or regulations by the company or its employees, please report it in a timely manner through the above methods. We accept anonymous reports, but we encourage real-name reports with real names and accurate contact information for more effective investigations. We advise that you tell the truth and the facts of the reported person's violation of laws or regulations or the specific circumstances and relevant evidence of the suspected illegal or unethical behavior, such as the time and place of the incident, the relevant units involved, insiders and related documentary evidence, etc. We will carefully check the problems and clues you report, handle them carefully according to regulations, and ensure the safety and confidentiality of reports to the extent permitted by laws and regulations, strictly protect your legitimate rights and interests, and strictly prohibit retaliation, all investigations will be based on legality and compliance.
The company has always been committed to building an enterprise model of honesty, integrity and legal compliance. It is the responsibility of the company and every employee to abide by laws and regulations and the company's various management systems. We accept supervision and welcome everyone to report in accordance with the law.

Legal and Compliance Management Department